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American Horror Story's Ryan Murphy Drops Season 3 Hints About 'Evil Glamour' And New Location

There are a few more episodes left in the second season of FX's horror drama American Horror Story. With the Asylum installment wrapping up this month, we'll be left to wonder what creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have in mind for next season. From what's being reported, it sounds like they're already playing with some interesting ideas.

One of the numerous things that sets American Horror Story apart from other shows is the way it restarted itself at the beginning of the second season. While Season 1 focused on a family that moved into haunted house with a violent history, American Horror Story: Asylum took us back a few decades and moved viewers into a creepy mental institution for the criminally insane, where the staff appears to be more dangerous, in some cases, than the patients.

What's ahead for Season 3? EW caught up with Ryan Murphy to chat about "The Name Game" episode that aired this week and about the season that's wrapping up. At the end of the interview, they asked him about next season, asking, "You said that next year will be lighter. Is that still the case?" Here's Murphy's response:

I mean, I don’t think anything could ever be as dark as the mental health care system in our country. I sorta feel like for the third version I want to do something that’s a little bit more “evil glamour.” Just something that’s a little bit more…one of the things that I missed this season was I really loved having that Romeo & Juliet youth story with Violet and Tate. I want something like that again and we’re doing something like that in the third season. And we’re contemplating shooting the show in a different place. We’re contemplating shooting it in a place in the country where true horror has been. We’ve got lots of delicious plans.

Violet and Tate's relationship in Season 1 was far from conventional, what with his violent background and the fact that he was also kind of (spoiler alert!) dead. But for a show like AHS, conventional isn't really an option, and Violet and Tate's dark but intriguing relationship was one of the things that worked well for the first season. So I like that it sounds like they're planning on revisiting young love in some way next season. Is it too soon to nominate Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga for Season 3 roles? As for the "place in the country where true horror has been," I can only imagine what that means.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET on FX.