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American Idol To Air Backstage Feature During New Girl And The Mindy Project

American Idol might be dropping in the ratings, but the show has been hardcore promoting to cover its tracks, offering extras like the new SuperVote system to keep audiences invested. This week, Fox’s singing competition program will unveil “Still Rolling” a new feature that will give TV viewers access to the moments after an Idol contestant is eliminated but the cameras are still taping.

Three cameras are used to shoot the post-show footage, which will then be aired during episodes of the comedies New Girl and The Mindy Project, which have moved to Thursday night this week. According to THR, from these feeds 15-seconds of footage will be chosen so that fans can see some of the frenzy and real emotions that come out backstage on Thursday nights after a contestant has been sent home. Additionally, Fox’s executive Vice President of marketing and communications Shannon Ryan promises the judges are different onstage than they behave behind the scenes. Here’s looking at you, Nicki Minaj.

According to the network, not only will "Still Rolling" be a feature for fans, executives also hope it will keep viewers glued to the channel as the night wears on. While New Girl and The Mindy Project don’t do dismally in the ratings, if the footage can help either show achieve a ratings boost, no one at the network will be complaining. Plus, since Idol has done the “Still Rolling” footage for the website before, it shouldn’t be too much extra work to produce the extra content for television. It’s a win/win situation—well, unless you are a fan of Fox’s comedies but hate Idol.

Jessica Rawden

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