American Idol Season 12 Results: Top 7 Elimination

With just seven contestants left, would the judges use their save to keep the lowest-vote-getter from being sent packing tonight? They're running out of opportunities to use it, which means the chances that they will naturally increase with each week. The Idol contestants were set up to sing rock songs last night. They opened tonight's results episode with a group performance of Queen's "Somebody to Love."

I know I tend to gush about Jimmy Iovine, but the man really tells it like it is. "Most people picked the wrong song," he said, of last night's rock performances. Why did Burnell pick Bon Jovi? His "You Give Love A Bad Name" performance wasn't the only one that fell short. While a good percentage of the voters will apparently disagree with me here, Lazaro forgetting the lyrics to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" seemed to overshadow the fact that the key was set too low for his vocal range, making it difficult to hear him sing at times.

Maybe "rock" is just too broad a selection for these contestants. Or maybe they need a bit of help finding something that suits their voice. I did agree with Iovine's praise of Kree. At this point, she's my favorite, and my pick for the Top 3. I'm not 100% she can win at this point, but she has the personality and the talent to go to the end. The judges all appear to be favoring Kree, Angie and Amber to make the Top 3, though Mariah was the lone judge to work Candice into her list (and exclude Angie). And all four judges seemed uncomfortable talking about their lists. At least they were mostly united on their picks.

With just two guys remaining among the finalists, there's a good chance a girl will win this season. It's not a lock, but the odds are ever in the females' favor. Before tonight's results, we were treated to performances by former American Idol contestants Casey James and Carrie Underwood. Casey James might be better remembered for taking off his shirt during his audition. Underwood, for her piles of hit songs, post-Idol. Both of them sounded great, and I especially loved the flashback videos of Carrie, showing the star before she was a star, looking fresh and young and unaware that she was on the brink of megastardom and musical success.

Here's how the results went down.

Top 3:

Kree Harrison

Angie Miller

Lazaro Arbos

Also safe:

Candice Glover

Amber Holcomb

Bottom 2

Burnell Taylor

Janelle Arthur (safe)

So, it looks like America mostly agrees with the judges on the Top 3. Lazaro managed to earn a spot in this week's Top 3, suggesting he's a favorite. Burnell was the lowest vote-getter and had a minute to sing for his life. The way Mariah was talking just prior to the final results being announced - mentioning that no matter what, whoever goes home will get to come back for the tour - it sounded like they weren't planning on using the save tonight. And sure enough, after Burnell finished his song, Randy announced that they weren't using the save. Never mind that he's one of only two guys remaining, it looks like they've decided to save that save for whoever might need it in the future. So, it's the end of the road for Burnell, but who knows what he'll do with his talent in the future?

Kelly West
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