TV is giving us a number of reasons to wish time would fly between now and January, and among them is FX's new original drama The Americans, a series created by Joe Weisberg that follows a two KGB spies posing as Americans in the 80s. The new trailer offers a look at the intense drama and action set to play out in this new show.

Those who actually watch commercials may have already caught this trailer, as it recently began airing on television. The Americans has Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys playing the mentioned spies posing as Americans. Their two children have no idea that their parents are really Russian spies. Of course, pretending to be happily married and parenting two children has its own set of challenges by comparison to normal married couples, as you'll see in the trailer.

"All is fair in love and cold war."

The trailer reminds us of the 80's and the Cold War threat in its first few moments with the recording of Ronald Reagan. And then it jumps into an Alias-like rhythm of suspense, drama and a little bit of action. Whether or not that's the tone of the series remains to be seen, but the trailer looks good! I like the idea that we might find ourselves conflicted over the two lead characters, as they attempt to pretend to be Americans while secretly working against the country. Sounds complex and exciting. Plus, there's Russell (Felicity) and Rhys (Brothers & Sisters) to look forward to. Noah Emmerich is also among the cast, playing the Jennings' new neighbor, who also happens to be an FBI agent. Awkward!

The Americans premieres on FX this January (2013) - no official premiere date has been announced yet.

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