Amy Poehler Will Star In Best Buy Super Bowl Commercial

Those of you who tune in to the Super Bowl for the commercials know every year brings another challenge and another chance for advertisers to make us laugh and make their mark. This year Best Buy has hired Amy Poehler in the hopes that the company will secure a spot among the best-remembered ads of the big game.

Ever since Amy Poehler successfully co-hosted the Golden Globes this year, she has been an even hotter commodity than ever before – not that she was much of a slouch between her starring role on Parks and Recreation and a long run on Saturday Night Live. But she and Fey definitely made people stand up and notice, and brought in strong ratings for the awards show. Now, Best Buy seems to be hoping that Poehler can make their Super Bowl ad stand out from the pack. Zap2It is reporting that she’s been tapped for the company’s third run as a Super Bowl advertiser.

Best Buy’s head of marketing, Scott Durchslang, said her Golden Globe appearance was part of what made them want her for the commercial. He added that he thinks she will help meet viewers Super Bowl ad expectations: “We know people have high expectations for these ads, and Amy delivers a whole new dimension of entertainment.”

So far, all we’ve got to go on is a single image in which Poehler is chatting with a Best Buy employee, and we can see some of the conversation on the screen behind her. We’ll have to wait and see if Amy can deliver laughs in trademark fashion. The Super Bowl airs February 3rd on CBS.