Until about twenty minutes ago, I had no idea Angry Birds existed. Apparently, it’s an astoundingly popular smart phone game that lets viewers slingshot birds to knock over various objects. Points are awarded based on how much is knocked over, and at some point, the player advances to new and exciting levels. At least that’s what my roommate just told me. He’s down, though not as much with this one as with the one where you throw crumpled up pieces of paper into the wastebasket. He’s not the only one though. My sources (read: my roommate) tell me most people have gone apeshit over this game, and now it’s expanding to other platforms.

According to Contact Music, the Finnish minds behind the game are looking at adapting it into a future television series. It’s likely this would resemble something like Whipout, but as the game currently works, it’s basically a PETA complain waiting to happen. You may remember, last year there was talk Angry Birds could be turned into a series of animated shorts, but so far that hasn't materialized either.

In the meantime, get excited about the new Angry Birds board game. It will reportedly be available in May. And for the record, there's no evidence this has anything to do with all those birds falling out of the sky in the Southern United States.

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