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Throughout his writing and TV career, Anthony Bourdain has become known for his lively and sometimes outspoken takes on food, culture, and sometimes even pop culture. Right now, the TV personality is taking a break from CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown to appear in live venues across the country. As it turns out, in person his views are just as distinct, and sometimes pretty insulting to other TV foodies, like Adam Richman, who hosted Man vs. Food from 2008-2011.

During the Atlanta stop of the tour, Bourdain noticed that during his travels, Adam Richman’s program was popular in places like Iran and Yemen, which could directly correlate with why some individuals from those countries choose to join ISIS.
The show confirms their worst suspicions—that Americans are fat, lazy, slothful, wasteful. I know what he’s thinking, ‘America is a terrible place. I want to join ISIS.’

Ouch. That’s a pretty harsh thing to say about a man who has had a pretty successful career in finding interesting and unique food items and consuming them, sometimes in large quantities. Man Vs Food aired for years on the Travel Channel, and led to several such spinoffs as Man Finds Food and Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America. Although, Richman’s career has been quiet since he had a social media controversy a little over the year ago, there’s no doubt that for a while, he had a good thing going and cable subscribers couldn’t get enough. Obviously, Bourdain’s not a fan, though.

The cutting remarks get even more harsh. According to Atlanta Magazine, Bourdain also made a second bruising comment about Richman and his eating habits.
Why did we watch that show? Admit it. You wanted him to die.

Watching Richman consume mountains of food on Man vs. Food was not always easy, amusing or pleasant to watch. While he sometimes enjoyed the challenges, sometimes eating all of that food was rougher on Richman than the audience. In addition, watching his weight waffle up and down during the period he was eating a lot was probably really tough. But Bourdain used to work with Richman on the Travel Channel, and taking pointed shots seems a little harsh, especially when the target is the generally affable Adam Richman.

Then again, most of the reason why Anthony Bourdain is famous is because he's willing to express all of his opinions without a filter. So, whether these words were over the line or not, we should all root for him to keep going because every once in awhile, he's spot-on in a way the PC police never could be.

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