Apolo Anton Ohno To Host Minute To Win It On GSN

In another bid to be famous outside the speed skating world, Olympic medalist Apolo Anton Ohno has signed on as the host of Minute to Win It. If you are familiar with the title, you’ll know Minute to Win It ran on NBC for a little while with Guy Fieri as a host. Now, the show is moving to the Game Show Network, where 40 episodes are currently slated to be produced this year.

Though the show is moving to GSN, its basic format will remain unchanged. Episodes will run for one hour and during that hour, contestants will compete in ten minute-long games. Failure to complete the task will result in elimination but if a contestant finishes all ten tasks, they can win $250,000. According to TV By The Numbers, Minute to Win It will begin production this month for a summer premiere date. Shine America will produce the show.

Ohno is certainly not shy about being in the spotlight. The man’s been a favorite interviewee at the Olympics and has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars a couple of times. He’s even done a bit of acting, starring opposite Danica McKeller in Tasmanian Devils a couple of years ago. It’s too early to tell if he’ll be a hit as a game show host, but he should have the confidence to pull it off. We’ll let you know when Minute to Win It gets a premiere date on GSN.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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