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Arrested Development will likely be back for Season 5 on Netflix. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos is quoted as expressing certainty that the beloved TV comedy will be back, it's just a matter of when. Netflix revived Arrested Development for Season 4 years after Fox cancelled the family-focused comedy.

USA Today ran an article on what's going on at Netflix in terms of the streaming video services' growing slate of original programming. Amidst the updates were quotes from Ted Sarandos, who is said to be "'positive' that another season of Arrested Development is in the offing." Sarandos added that it's "just a matter of when" and notes that a big concern is juggling the actors' schedules.

So, it sounds like Netflix has every intention of making the fifth season happen sooner or later, if and when the actors' schedules can be sorted out. The schedules of the series' stars was an issue when they put together the fourth season, which resulted in segmented story lines that overlapped with one another but didn't often feature more than a few lead characters on screen together at a time. The structure of Season 4 was complex and a very clever way of bringing the whole cast back for the season, but if the show does come back for Season 5, fans are surely hopeful that the Bluths will get together more than they did the last time around.

There's also the movie to take into consideration. As of fall of last year, series creator Mitch Hurwitz was still planning on moving forward with the Arrested Development feature film, which would lead into the next season of the series. Whether or not that's still the plan wasn't addressed in the recent article with Ted Sarandos' comments. But on the bright side, it sounds like Netflix is up for more, and fans are likely in agreement.

Riding high on the praise (and Emmy nominations) for original series Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, Netflix has a number of new original shows lined up, including a handful of Marvel series, Daredevil included. Arrested Development wasn't the only show to get a reprieve at the subscription service. Netflix also rescued the previously cancelled AMC drama The Killing, and gave it one more season, which debuted last week. On the horizon are the Wachowskis' new series Sense8, as well as a drug cartel drama called Narcos, and Marco Polo, the latter of which is due out later this year. So subscribers have plenty to look forward to while we await further word on the status of Arrested Development's future.