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Arrow Is Bringing Back One Of Its Most Memorable Villains

Season 4 of Arrow is coming to a close, and the time has come for the show to proceed in its grand tradition of pulling out all the stops for the finale arc. The latest episode revealed Damien Darhk’s evil plot to destroy the world via nuclear apocalypse, so Oliver and the rest of the good guys already have plenty on their plates for next week. Unfortunately for them, however, one of their most memorable past enemies will be returning for another round of dastardly deeds. Danny Brickwell will be back once more.

Danny Brickwell

Danny Brickwell – also known as Brick – made his debut in a dark patch of Season 3. Oliver had recently been skewered by Ra’s al Ghul, and his pals on Team Arrow assumed that the scimitar coated in his blood meant that he was super dead. They had to band together to fight against big bad Brick, who orchestrated a bloody plot to take over control of the Glades from the Starling City government. Inexplicably, Brick’s plot actually worked, and it fell to Team Arrowless and the brand new Black Canary to join with the citizens of the Glades in a melee against Brick and his minions.

Luckily, Oliver returned at the end of the Danny Brickwell trilogy to lock up the bad guy and put an end to the miserable run of episodes in which the hero was dead. Brick presumably spent the better part of this past year rotting in jail, mulling over his defeat, and wondering how the woman in black leather transformed from clumsy wannabe crimefighter to super stunt lady in the span of a day or two. Now, Brick is back on the streets thanks to Damien Darhk’s overthrow of the prison, and Team Arrow will have more to worry about than a nuclear apocalypse.

If somebody on Team Arrow doesn’t roll his or her eyes and say “Come on!” to the universe, I will be seriously disappointed. One of the most memorable villains of Season 3 coming back for an encore in Season 4 is the last thing that they need at this point. They have less than twenty-four hours to avert a nuclear apocalypse…and Danny Brickwell is on the loose. The world is on the verge of ending unless they score a major victory against a man who has soundly defeated them over and over again…and Danny Brickwell is out of prison. Team Arrow really cannot catch a break lately. Check out the first look at Brick back for another go:

There is the chance that Arrow bringing Brick back will actually end up helping the good guys. Brick was never exactly the brightest bulb in the box, but even he could surely understand that a nuclear apocalypse means the end for British baddies as well as the rest of the population. The show pulling a switcheroo and allying Brick with Oliver and Co. for the greater good could be a fun twist.

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. To see what shows you’ll be able to watch once Season 4 comes to an end, check out our schedule of summer TV premiere dates.

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