How can Arrow possibly follow ”Flash vs. Arrow" and “The Brave and the Bold,” last week's epic crossover event? Well, bringing in one of Batman's biggest bads doesn't hurt, especially since the superhero show has been teasing the DCU supervillain for over a season. Ra's al Ghul finally showed more than just his face for "The Climb," a family-oriented midseason finale fans won't soon forget. Happy Holidays!

The Lances
Since it's Christmas, Dinah, the Lance matriarch, decided to make the trip home to Starling City to see her family. Too bad her mother's intuition is so good that the second she mentions Sara (aka Ta-er al-Sahfer) in front of Laurel, the jig is up and the latter spills the beans about the former's death. The eldest Lance daughter also convinces her mom to continue keeping it a secret from Quentin because, uh, he's too weak to handle it or something. I'm sure he'll never find out. It was nice of Laurel to reassure her mother that Sara's death wouldn't go unavenged. Of course, Dinah probably thought her D.A. daughter would make the guilty suffer in a slightly different way than the new Canary has in mind.

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