It feels like forever since Arrow last fought crime on The CW, however, since he was badly bested by the Black Archer, it was kind of forgivable that the hero needed to take a little time off. And even though the series about Starling City's not-easy-being green vigilante finally returns to television screens next Wednesday, Oliver still might not be ready to return to the hood. Cue up more comparisons to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Saga, although a six week sabbatical pales when placed next to Bruce Wayne's eight year hiatus and it's certainly not enough time for Ollie to go all Howard Hughes.

Besides, he already spent enough time confined while playing cast away, a prisoner of both the island and, on occasion the mysterious military forces. Who seem to be back for at least a flash (get it?) in "Burned," but the primary focus of this new trailer is our hero's reluctance to return after his injuries and the phone-call that snaps him out of it... if he doesn't snap Diggle first. Dig always brings the good advice only to get beat up. Literally. Take a look at Episode 10, and the start of the second half of the first season.

Love. Love will bring us together. And out of a crime fighting slump or self-pity party. This trailer shows quite a bit more than the previously released tease for "Burned" but it continues to keep Andrew Dunbar's villain of the week shrouded in mystery even after releasing a handful of photos of the 'Firefly.' Or should I say should I say Garfield Lynns. Oh Arrow and your must keep it real motto. Bless you. The series returns with Episode 10, "Burned," on Wednesday, January 16 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. "If you're on his list, you're already dead."

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