First off, a little bad news. Last week’s Suicide Squad mission was not only missing a few key members, but it also marked the end for the most important Task Force X recruit as Deadshot has since been “taken off the table” for Arrow Season 4. That’s a real shame because Michael Rowe’s Floyd Lawton was one of The CW superhero show’s most enjoyable recurring characters. Just another casualty in DC’s ‘Film V Television’ civil war. Speaking of the DCCU, this week’s first easter egg is related to the highly anticipated Batman V Superman as “Public Enemy” (well, “Public Enemies”) is also the title of a popular “Superman/Batman” comic book and animated adaptation. Sadly, though, there weren’t many other new DCU nods…

Wanted Man
Just like in the “Superman/Batman” comic of (roughly) the same name, our titular hero is being hunted by law enforcement because an avenging bald dude is abusing his power. Captain Lance will stop at nothing to put the Arrow behind bars, even if it means pulling a gun on his vigilante daughter a couple of times. Not a good idea with Nyssa still in town. And how about when Laurel jumped off the roof, trusting Oliver to catch her on the way down? She’s crazy. Thank god for trick arrows.

Ollie and Maseo’s rooftop rumble - one that also featured Arsenal and Black Canary fighting some random assassins - and the ensuing escape was one of the series’ best action sequences in some time. Even if the effort was all for naught, since Ra’s al Ghul and then Lance soon revealed the Arrow’s identity to all of Starling. Oliver briefly hides out at Dig and Lyla’s place before pulling a John Doe and turning himself in to the SCPD. There just doesn’t seem to be any other way out of this one until Roy decides to take his place “I am Spartacus” style.

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