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When Arrow fans last saw Oliver Queen, he had given up his life of crime-fighting and literally drove off into the sunset. Of course, since the series is coming back in the fall, we know this life of happiness isn’t going to last. Other than the involvement of the mysterious organization H.I.V.E. and its leader Damien Darhk, details have been scarce on what to expect in Arrow Season 4, but according to series lead Stephen Amell, fans can look forward to some shocking moments in the season premiere.

During Amell’s recent Facebook Q&A, he was asked whether there were any moments while reading the script for the Arrow Season 4 premiere that made his jaw drop, and he claimed it happened not once, but twice. He said:
It legitimately did. I emailed Marc Guggenheim directly after reading the season four premiere with three or four very pointed questions. Which he answered…mostly.

Arrow has thrown a lot of curveballs at its fans over the last three seasons, so anything that stuns Amell must be something big. The actor didn’t elaborate on what these moments are, but he did give a hint shortly after the Facebook video was posted. When a fan asked on Twitter how he would summarize the Season 4 premiere it three words, this was his response.

It sounds like something bad might happen to Oliver’s sister in the premiere. Thea officially joined Team Arrow in the Season 3 finale, wearing Roy’s Arsenal suit and taking Speedy as her superhero identity (as opposed to Red Arrow). Since Oliver gave up the bow and hood, she is keeping an eye on Starling City with Diggle, Laurel and the rest of the city’s heroes. Whether she is injured on the job, going through some kind of emotional crisis, or dealing with unexpected side effects from her revival in the Lazarus Pit, it may be the thing that brings Oliver back to Starling City.

Amell also mentioned during the Q&A that like in previous seasons, the gap between Seasons 3 and 4 will be in real time, so viewers can expect to see Arrow’s next story arc pick up five to six months after the final showdown with Ra’s al Ghul. Hopefully that was enough break time for Oliver, because once he comes home and resumes his mission of justice (even if its not necessarily as The Arrow), he won’t be getting another vacation for a while. Darhk and H.I.V.E. will see to that.

Arrow will return with new episodes in its normal timeslot this October on The CW.

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