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When Season 3 of Arrow wrapped up Oliver Queen and Felicity were riding off into the sunset while the rest of his friends and family stayed behind to protect Starling City. While we know that some things will need to change for the show to remain Arrow, we got some recent hints from the man under the hood as to what to expect from Season 4.

Speaking to The TV Junkies, star Stephen Amell said that while the show will remain the same at its core, Season 4 would include new elements as well.
It still feels like our show but there are different elements that I think people are going to enjoy...we get to see some characters interact that weren’t always the closest of friends or interacting on a regular basis which is neat when you’re doing new stuff in the fourth season of a show.

The most obvious “new” element that we expect to see a lot of in Season 4 is Thea Queen as a masked hero. While Thea has always been part of the show she had the most extreme character arc in Season 3, starting under the training of her father Malcolm Merlyn and finishing in the Arsenal costume with her own bow in hand. Her interaction with somebody like Diggle has been fairly limited through three seasons since Diggle has been working so closely with Oliver, and Thea has been busy with other things. How many scenes have the two of them even had together? Now that they are both part of the team protecting the city the two of them will need to not just learn to work together, but really just get to know each other. Even characters that Thea has had more screen time with, like Laurel Lance, will be interacting with Thea in a very different way now. We expect Thea will be a prominent part of the first few episodes of Season 4, so how she’s been able to work with the rest of the team will be front and center.

Fans should also be prepared for a substantially different team dynamic when The Arrow does return to the fold. Much of the second half of Season 3 was about Oliver’s team learning to work without him, what with him being dead, and then a traitor and all, and about Oliver learning that he was not alone in his crusade. While the show will still be called Arrow expect Oliver to be a member of the team, not necessarily its leader, when he returns. Also, who has been handling Team Arrow IT with Felicity gone? Will somebody else have been handling that, and if so how will Felicity react?

Season 4 of Arrow will finally arrive this fall on The CW. Are you looking forward to it as much as we are?