Arrow Is Sporting Some New Eye-Wear In 'Blast Radius' Episode Photos


Happy New Year Arrow fans! The CW has wasted no time teasing us for the return of Arrow for the second half of Season 2. And if you remember how the winter finale left off (spoilers if you aren’t caught up!) then you shouldn’t be surprised to see Oliver sporting some new eye-wear in some of these new photos from Episode 10, “Blast Radius.”

The last new episode of Arrow left off with Barry Allen offering Oliver a parting gift in the form of the domino mask, which is presumably made of some material that won’t obstruct Oliver’s peripheral vision when he’s throwing down with Starling’s baddies. We actually got our first look at Oliver sporting the mask back in November, but we have yet to see Arrow actually wearing the mask on the series. It appears that's about to change. Paint masks are totally 2013. This year is apparently the year Oliver Queen will spend less time scrubbing paint off his eyes. Here’s a closer look at Arrow’s new eyewear:


The preview for the episode teases some thrilling moments…

And also a new encounter between Oliver and Kevin Alejandro’s Sebastian Blood, neither of whom are wearing their masks in that quick scene, but one of them is in this photo:


Nothing like a handshake between a hero and a villain... right?

Check out some more photos from “Blast Radius” in the gallery below and resume counting down the days until Arrow returns on January 15 on the CW. If that’s not enough, check out a bunch of great stunt videos here.

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