BBB America has always been known for its British imports, but in recent years the network has worked to bring original programming like Copper and Orphan Black to the forefront. Now, the U.S.-based network going back to its roots and signing on with British channel BBC One to co-produce a series set in the fantastical world of Atlantis.

The series hails from BBC One’s Merlin writing staff, including writer/executive producer Howard Overman and Merlin creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, who opted to sign on for another fantasy series just after Merlin ended its five season run in the U.K. and the States. With the staff’s track record, it didn’t take BBC One long to sign on for 13 episodes of the series this spring. At the time, BBC America wasn’t a part of the picture, but on Monday the U.S. network announced it would be co-producing the series, which means Atlantis has found a home in the U.S.

BBC America and BBC One’s story will follow Jason, a young man who arrives in Atlantis only to see tales and legends come to life. The series stars Game of Thrones’ Mark Addy, Hex’s Jemima Rooper, The Hour’s Juliet Stevenson, Hatfields & McCoys’ Sarah Parish, War Horse’s Robert Emms, About Time’s Aiysha Hart, and Dancing on the Edge actor Jack Donnelly. The show has a great cast, but it will also use cutting-edge technology to bring its mythological and fantastical plotlines to life each week. Creator Capps had more to say about the concept via press release.
"When we initially conceived the idea for Atlantis, we knew it would not be possible without the best possible team behind us. From actors to costume, prosthetics to lighting, that team has not disappointed. Indeed we are lucky to have superb talent on both sides of the camera, who have come together to make Atlantis something truly thrilling. "

Atlantis is set to hit BBC America’s schedule in the fall of 2013, which happens to be the time of year when the series will also air on BBC One. This means U.S. audiences will get to catch the series sooner rather than later. The program doesn’t have an exact premiere, yet, but we do know the series will be a part of BBC America’s notable programming block, Supernatural Saturdays. Since the Saturday programming block is the timeslot BBC America airs pretty much anything the network is proud of, it certainly says good things of Atlantis that the show has earned a spot in that lineup. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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