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Baio's Baby Doom

Who cares if Scott Baio is 45 and Single? Obviously a lot of people do, because according to the Hollywood Reporter, VH1 has decided to take another stab at the top ranking cable show for a second season. This time around they document Baio’s fear of fatherhood.

If you haven’t seen the previous season you didn’t miss much. Basically the show portrays poor, lost and confused Scott Baio whining about his life because he can’t find it in himself to commit to his current girlfriend. Obviously, the star has seen Happier Days. To help him with his struggle, his counselor, Doc Ali, makes him go around town confronting and apologizing to women he hurt in the past so he can become a better man. In the end (to the relief of so many) Scott sees the error of his ways and in a heroic gesture proposes to his girlfriend. She accepts. The world sighs with relief.

The second season of Baio’s meager existence takes off after his now fiancé spills the beans, at the end of seasons ones final episode, that she is pregnant with his baby. What a surprise twist! How will he ever deal? Now he has to make a commitment to two people! I know there are many logical answers to the questions posed but stars are different than regular folk, there is no such thing as logic and with too much pressure they may spontaneously combust. So as to not see bits-o-Baio all over Rodeo Drive maybe Scott will have to call Doc Ali to the rescue. I’m sure she can ease all of the pressure and anxiety that Scott is feeling about becoming a 46 (47?) year-old father. We will have to wait and see. The new season begins taping this fall and I’m sure the world squirms with…um… anticipation until it airs.