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New Bates Motel Posters Show Disturbing Scenery

It seems like A&E’s Psycho prequel, Bates Motel, has been gearing up for ages. A little over a week ago, however, the show really kicked into gear, finally releasing a March premiere date for eager fans. Now, A&E has released a set of posters for the creepy horror series, and they manage to chill to the bone.

The first image is maybe the most harrowing of them all, with a body lit up by fire, hanging in the air. Who he is and why he’s been hung up in the sky is just out of the viewpoint of the shot, but juxtaposed against the evening tree line and cloudy sky, it’s a remarkable image, and one that makes me want to see how Freddie Highmore does as the infamous Norman Bates. I also really love the "check in" tagline the series is rolling with.

The second image is more of what I expected from a series about a creepy small town and a parent and a child willing to hide their secrets at whatever cost. While I had hoped to see some more personal photos involving Bates and his mother (played by Vera Farmiga), I can’t really complain, as these images are extraordinarily strange.

You can check out larger versions of the images, as well as a few additional posters for the series, below. A&E has also released a sneak peak at the drama. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Bates Motel, but you’ll be able to catch the series and watch the mystery unfold when the new drama premieres on March 18.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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