We’ve often found that by the halfway point of the season in ‘24’, so much has happened that it becomes difficult to remember some of the events from earlier in the season. It’s as though the memory is only capable of retaining a small amount of Bauer-ness at a time. So we at TV Blend decided to compile a sort of Best-of/Worst-of list of memorable events in Season 5 of ‘24’. Its more like a list of lists in fact. We hope it helps you get psyched up for the season finale on Monday, May 22nd (8-10 pm)!

This show has had its moments. Season 5 isn't the best year of 24 but it isn't the worst either (Hello, Season 2). Although there’ve been a few not-so-great moments this season, the finale seems action packed and we’re ready to see Jack Bauer demanding justice from President Logan.

Before we get to the lists though, we’d like to take a moment to remember those important and valuable characters that didn’t survive the season.

David Palmer – the former president. Assassinated by being shot through the neck. Palmer was one of the only men you could trust on the show, aside from Jack. He was wise, kind, genuine and a good American. He will be missed. That’s TV Blend’s stand.

Michelle Dessler-Almeida – She responds to Jack’s call without hesitation and is killed by a carbomb. Michelle had the face of an angel with a backbone of steel.

Tony Almeida – Like Palmer, Tony’s been around from day 1. Many of us might even admit that we suspected him to be the spy at CTU in season 1 (it turned out to be his girlfriend, Nina… fricken Nina). But Tony not only gained Jacks trust, he also gained the viewers respect and support more and more throughout the series. Even when he was sitting in front of the TV watching soccer and adding another beer to his somewhat bloated physique at the beginning of season 4, we loved him. Tony died because he was too noble for his own good. A real man knows that stabbing an unconscious man in the chest with a needle full of Hyoscine-Pentothal just aint kosher. Had Tony been a lesser man, he might’ve survived the day.

Edgar Stiles - Oh Edgar, how we loved thee. Well, not in the biblical sense. Edgar, the cuddly intelligence analyst, had a rough day in season 4. He lost his “mutha” to a nuclear fallout but that didn't stop his love of Chloe. Oh you know you wanted them to get it on too. Sadly, Edgar died this year after CTU fell victim to another attack. Nerve gas got our buddy before we had any emotional payoff between Chloe and him. Maybe that's a good thing, but it was a shame to see the character go, being that so many other major deaths occurred this year.

Now on with the list of bests and worsts of season 5 of ‘24’:

Best use of a hobbit:
Lynn accepts his fate and saves what’s left of CTU by getting to the computer to shut down the program that was blocking the security system from flushing out the nerve gas. He died from nerve gas exposure shortly after this heroic act. And you thought all he could do was trek to morrrrrrrdor? Please.

Best turn-around for a character:
Audrey went from being the naggy “Jack, I don’t understand you and what you’re all about” wet-blanket girlfriend in season 4 to a supportive and courageous friend this season. She went from being Jack’s girl to part of his team. Rock on, Audrey.

Worst guest appearance:
Kim Bauer shows up for a couple of episodes for no reason. A phone call from Jack saying “Kim, I’m alive” would’ve sufficed. And what happens when Kim is in the room? Terrorists fill CTU up with nerve gas and people die. Also what was the point of her weirdo therapist-boyfriend? Yeah, hi. Who are you again? Go away, both of you.

Top 5 most idiotic decisions:

5. Lynn doesn’t report his stolen wallet. Because of this (and Kim’s bad karma), CTU gets attacked by terrorists and Edgar dies (along with a bunch of other nameless people).

4. The president not being able to make up his mind about what to do with Jack. “Detain him! Let him go! Kill him! Let him go!” Logan, you’re a moron.

3. “Hey I have an idea, why don’t we make a copy of the recording which proves the president is a bad-guy?” Who was it that said that? You said that? I said it too! But did anyone on the show say it? Nope. It never occurred to anyone to make a copy of the recording. Chloe could patch Jack Bauer through to the devil himself if Jack Bauer asked her to but she cant make a recording of a conversation over a cell phone?

2. I can almost ignore the fact that Jack never made a recording of the tape that was stolen twice. I can almost deal with him not playing the recording over a secure line from the plane so that CTU could hear it. I DRAW THE DAMN LINE WITH NOT LOCKING THE DOOR WHILE CHLOE DOES WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WAS DOING!!! If it is so damn important, lock the door and post guards. Don't put her in a see through conference room while all alone. So Chloe is alone and Miles is all up in her junk while she’s dealing with the recording and she doesn’t get suspicious? You’d think she would’ve been a tad more protective of the recording considering any pocket-lazer-eraser-device-thingy could delete the thing within a few moments. Chloe, where were you on that one?

1. The President of the United States conspiring with terrorists for the “good of the people”. Logan, did we mention you’re a moron?

Random WTF bits of the season:

The crazy chick at CTU (Shari) with the track record of accusing people of sexual harassment. Ok so she servedher purpose by helping Chloe out but didn’t it seem like too much back-story for such a disposable character?

The first lady – the general consensus is that she’s unstable but a moral person with good intentions. Either way, what is with her? She’s crazy. She’s ok. She’s lonely. She’s taking drugs. She’s throwing drugs. She’s shooting people. Errr? Then again, there is one question that could probably help make sense of Mrs. Logan's "issues": How long could you be married to a man like Logan without going insane?

Random Awesome moments:

-Chloe pretends to flirt with the annoying a-hole at the hotel bar and then proceeds to zap him with a stun-gun.

-Jack shoots Christopher’s wife. Ok, so his plan didn’t work but it was still pretty funny anyway.

-Heller driving over the cliff because he wouldn’t allow himself to be used as a pawn. I don’t know how he could even walk with that set of his.

-The first lady shoots one of Logan’s men. A bit insane but awesome none-the-less.

- Audrey manning up and walking to Jack as she nearly bled to death. It was a short walk but she sure has come a long way!

So that’s it in a nutshell. There’s still 2 hours to go for Season 5 though! I think its safe to assume there will be a bit more to add to this list before the end of the season.
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