I’ve never really gotten the interest in Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel. Regardless, the plasticine foodie queen, has been a great self-promoter on television. In 2005, she appeared on that strange season of The Apprentice hosted by Martha Stewart. In 2008 she won a spot in the original cast of Real Housewives of New York and since then went on to be the focus of Bethenny Ever After. Because of all this, a move to daytime talk television did not seem like too much of a stretch.

Unfortunately, Frankel’s been shopping a daytime talk show for months without even a nibble. The show would have been an advice-based program, but without a network backer, there’s really no way to move forward. Today that translated into Frankel shutting down her 2012 daytime hopes. According to THR, there still might be hope Frankel’s talk show idea might get picked up by a cable network at some point.

In all honesty, this might have been the worst possible season Frankel could have tried to develop a daytime television program. Sure, All My Children and One Life To Live are on the way out; however, Anderson just recently got picked up by more stations across the country and stiff competitor Katie Couric is headed back to daytime. Even Survivor’s Jeff Probst and freakin' Steve Harvey already have programs set to begin in 2012. There isn’t any room for another daytime host, much less a daytime advice columnist.

If you are a fan of Bethenny Frankel, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. The third season of Bethenny Ever After has wrapped up production and will be headed to Bravo soon.

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