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A YouTube series may get revamped for television, with a little help from The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons and his producing partner, Todd Spiewak. The two like the looks of Prodigies, a short web series that highlights kids with genius-level skill sets, and have decided to develop a television show based on the popular series.

Most of ThinkTV’s episodes of Prodigies have earned thousands of views, with some individual episodes earning hundreds of thousands or even millions of hits. EW is reporting that Parsons is extremely invested in the project, speaking about why he and Spiewak hope to redo the series for a wider audience.
Prodigies reveals something about the human spirit with such joy and insight, which is why it achieved such a passionate following on the Internet. I think there are many more people out there that will find this irresistible, like I do.”

If I had to choose anyone to head a series of this ilk, Parsons would be high on the list. The man has spent the past six seasons playing a genius on television and audiences at this point probably associate the actor with smarts. However, Parsons and his partner still have to pitch Prodigies to the networks. They’ll do so next week at Washington D. C.’s Realscreen Summit. My big concern is whether or not a brief ten-minute(ish) series can do well in a half hour or even longer format. Assumedly, the two men have a plan, however, and we’ll let you know if they land a deal.

Until then, you can check out one of the episodes, about a very young college student who loves the actual Big Bang theory, below.