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It's looking like a much more predictable week in the Big Brother house than we might have expected, given this week's Head of Household. Then again, the week's not technically over and we've seen things turn around for people within a matter of hours. This article contains spoilers from the Live Feeds of Big Brother 15, including who was nominated for eviction by America, who won the Veto, and whether or not the Veto was used. If you'd rather wait until tonight's episode for all of those answers and then some, read no further!

Just to get the dirty details out of the way, Amanda was nominated as the third nominee, joining Spencer and Howard on the block. Spencer won the Veto, used it to save himself and Candice was put up in his place. Right now, it's looking like Howard will go, though Spencer would prefer it be Candice or Amanda. Ideally, Amanda, since they had an argument yesterday, but I think he'd settle for Candice going if it meant Howard stayed.

First, let's talk about Amanda being nominated for MVP-nominee. Why doesn't America like Amanda? She's actually gotten a pretty decent edit in the episodes, though feed-watchers know she's not entirely innocent in the "inappropriate comments" situation that's plagued this season, despite being the one to call Aaryn out for her racially insensitive remarks. So what is it? Did people just decide they don't like her? Or is the the conspiracy post that made its way onto Facebook from a woman claiming to be an insider who says Amanda's the producers' pre-chosen winner this year? Regardless, America has turned on Amanda and it's put her at risk. Of course, the houseguests don't know for sure that America has voted. Some are suspicious that Howard is the MVP this week. Or maybe that's just their way of deflecting negativity onto Howard in the hopes of getting him evicted.

That brings us to this week's eviction. Nothing is ever set in stone, but it's looking like the majority of the house wants Howard to go. Helen and others have expressed suspicion of Amanda and concern that she needs to be out soon, but that doesn't seem to be immediate enough to give her the boot this week. Howard has demonstrated some shadiness throughout the season, particularly in the voting. Casting a vote against Elissa the week Nick went home might have seemed like a good idea to cover his bases before the next Head of Household competition took place, but it only made him look like a floater and a liar to everyone who did vote to evict Nick. He also tried to lie about the Moving Company alliance after the cat was almost completely out of the bag. Not realizing he was the last person to be confronted about that alliance, Howard tried to remain tight-lipped and that made him look even shadier. He's come off as a nice guy, but his social game hasn't been spectacular in terms of establishing trust and friendships with people outside of Candice and Spencer, and most houseguests are either convinced or at the very least suspicious that he's throwing competitions, considering how physically fit he is.

There's also some paranoia about Howard possibly having the coup d'etat, which may have just been a lie spread by someone (Amanda?) to scare people into trying to get him out. And yesterday Amanda told people that Howard whispered something explicit about wanting to have sex with her. The flashback for the alleged whispered comment is at 5:10 p.m. Tuesday (Big Brother time) on Feed 3. It's a blip on the feeds and we don't really hear what was said, only Amanda laughing and thanking him, so who knows if he really said what Amanda claimed he said.

All of that piled on top of itself, not to mention his close ties with Candice, who isn't well liked in the house, makes him the biggest target on the block this week. So, unless someone can flip the house against Candice or Amanda, it's looking like he'll go home.

People seem to be somewhat aware that the same few people have been leading the house through each eviction every week. Helen and Amanda, in particular, have been on the winning end of every week in the house. Not one person that's gone home this season is someone they wanted to save. And Amanda's been increasingly distrusting of Howard for a while now, and her influence goes a long way. The smart move would be to get Amanda out, but right now it seems like there are too many people trying not to make waves to make that kind of move. After all, Jessie, Judd, Andy and others benefit from these evictions too. And right now, Aaryn and GinaMarie seem to realize they stand a better chance at survival offering their support to the bigger alliance than they do trying to break it up. The targets are off of them - for now - and onto Candice, Howard and Spencer.

Also, lest people cry racism over Aaryn's nominations, it does seem like her picks were intended to honor the deal she made with Helen and go with the group's plan to get Howard out. In doing so, she's managed to work her way into that alliance and tension between her and the rest of the house has eased substantially. I wouldn't say she and Elissa are BFFs, but they do seem to be making an effort to tolerate one another, which is a pretty major stride, given their argument last week. All (or most) evidence suggests Aaryn's nominations were to appease the house. Candice and Howard are particularly close with one another, so putting Candice up as the replacement nominee makes sense from a strategic perspective if Howard is the target. It just looks really bad for Aaryn, given the controversy she's caused with her comments.

While the majority of the house (Helen, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Judd, Elissa, Jessie, Amanda and McCrae) appear to be in agreement that Howard should go, paranoia and confusion is running rampant as people can't seem to keep their mouths shut about anything. Small clusters of the majority-alliance seem to be clinging to one another while distrusting the rest of the group for whatever the reason. Case in point, word has gotten out that Judd made up the thing about Kaitlin targeting Helen for eviction in an effort to swing the house in favor of evicting her. So people are less trusting of Judd, as well they should be. And that's just one of numerous whispered topics among the group that's working together. Depending on who wins HoH this Thursday night, we could see this make-shift alliance collapse fairly quickly. In the meantime, as I said, it's looking like Howard will go, but we'll post an update if anything drastic takes place between today and tomorrow to shift the eviction target.

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