In previous seasons of Big Brother, there hasn't been a whole lot to update on from the live feeds once the Veto ceremony takes place. So many weeks seem to have gone about as predictably as possible, with the house ganging up on a specific houseguest each week, and most contestants giving up once they realize they're on their way out the door. It seemed like that might be the case this week, but there's been an interesting little development inside the house.

LIVE FEED SPOILER alert! This article reveals who won the Veto, whether or not it was used and other spoilers not yet revealed in the episodes!

As we reported yesterday, McCrae won the Veto and used it to take himself off the block. Spencer was put up in his place and it was looking like everyone except for McCrae was planning to vote Amanda out. Spencer is protected by the Exterminator alliance, which includes Andy, Judd and GinaMarie. Elissa, McCrae and Amanda are the only ones not in that alliance and unaware of its existence.

Here's the surprising turn of events: It looks like Amanda may have turned Elissa and secured her vote to stay.

Elissa and Amanda exchanged jewelry (Amanda's gold earrings for Elissa's wedding band or engagement ring, not sure which) as collateral for their agreement. Meaning, Elissa doesn't come through with the vote, Amanda keeps her ring, and same for Amanda's earrings if Elissa does vote to keep Amanda and then Amanda wins next HoH and puts Elissa up. Amanda has assured Elissa that Andy will also vote to keep her this week as long as Elissa's on board with the plan. She only needs three votes to stay. So right now, Amanda thinks she has Andy, Elissa and McCrae.

I'm thinking Elissa is serious about keeping Amanda. In a conversation last night, Amanda essentially convinced Elissa that if she goes this week, Elissa is at the top of everyone's list to go, as GinaMarie can't play for HoH and everyone else in the house (Judd, Spencer and maybe even Andy) would put Elissa up. This may have been Amanda's best play to date, as she's actually not lying. She put her emotions aside and used logic to get through to Elissa, who probably knows deep down she's not close enough to anyone else in the house to be safe if/when Amanda goes. Elissa has also expressed an interest in allying with females all season, and while she targeted a female last week, she may still like the idea of saving a female and sending a guy packing, especially since the guys already outnumber the girls.

Now here's the problem Amanda doesn't realize she has. As mentioned, Andy's in the Exterminator alliance, and it looks like he's already taken this deal between Amanda and Elissa to Judd and Spencer, including that Amanda and Elissa's deal was sealed with a jewelry exchange. Andy's whole strategy this season has been to scurry back and forth between sides delivering and receiving information. I've seen a lot of negative comments about Andy's tactics, but up until this week, I would have defended them as a type of gameplay. Aggressive floating (actively playing multiple alliances) is the strategy that works for him. He's a chatty guy, he's good at nosing his way into conversations and he's not above lying. If it gets him to the end, it's a valid way to win, even if it's not always the most fun to watch. The issue I have with him going to the Exterminators with Elissa's plans is that there are so few people in the house at this point, he stands a huge chance of being exposed. And maybe he's resigned to that and has decided to place his loyalty firmly with the Exterminators until they can get McCrae and Elissa out.

Andy expressed concern to McCranda about how bad it will look for him if Elissa changes her mind and votes to evict Amanda. This may have been his way of planting the seed that it still go to a tie on Thursday, in which case GinaMarie would break it by sending Amanda out. Amanda and McCrae told him to just blame the hinky vote on Elissa, exposing her as a traitor. What they don't realize is that the vote really will be Elissa's, and she would've been honoring her end of the deal, while Andy was the real traitor to them. It's Andy's vote that's in question here, and the fact that he told Spencer and Judd about Elissa's plan to save Amanda, it seems like he's chosen his side. it's the wedding ring that could screw Andy over. As much as Amanda and McCrae speculate over Elissa's loyalty, they seem to feel pretty confident that Elissa wouldn't have handed over such an important and expensive piece of jewelry if she was planning to turn on them.

I don't think they know for sure if the double eviction is this week, but they know one is coming. If Andy sends Spencer out of the house, the only person he has to fear in the next HoH competition is Judd, since GinaMarie can't play. If he sends Amanda out, he may have to fear McCrae and Elissa, assuming McCrae figures out that it was Andy who turned. On a numbers side, Andy would be better off keeping Amanda. But as I said, he told the Exterminators about the deal, which suggests he's not planning to do that.

It's only Tuesday though, and the fact that the whole house seems to know about Elissa's deal, it's entirely possible things will shift or blow up at some point between now and Thursday. So nothing's certain. We'll share an update if anything major happens!

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