Big Brother Elimination: Danielle Vs. Britney - Who Was Evicted? UPDATED With HoH Winner

The game is on! This really was a great week for Big Brother. And granted, it's probably a lot easier for me to say that as a Dan fan, but still, it was a big week, regardless of who you're hoping to see in one of the final two chairs at the finale (which is just a few weeks away!). One more houseguest went home tonight. Was it Britney or Danielle? Find out ahead!

There was naturally plenty of fallout following the Veto ceremony. Dan did his trademark post-apocalyptic bunker escape. That's when he does something big, then dives for cover, hiding out somewhere and acting sad, while the rest of the house sifts through the rubble. While he did have a brief confrontation with Britney, during which she got more upset by how cold he was toward her, it was Ian and Frank who initially engaged in a battle of words, first in the HoH room and then downstairs. As intense as their spat was, it was hard to take Frank all that seriously while Frank was dressed as a carrot. Frank actually pointed that out with a laugh. And Ian maturely responded by giving Frank the finger behind his back.

Shane's reaction to the Veto ceremony was my favorite: "Where did Jenn come from?!"

Britney saved her venom for later when she lashed out at Dan behind his back. She admitted in the diary room that she knows on some rational level that he's just really good at the game. But she's still human, and she was blindsided, so her anger is understandable. We can't really expect her to bow down and worship Dan's game play as some of us do. She had a lot of things to say about Dan's attitude and how he played up a funeral only to trick them, but those who watched the feeds over the last couple of days know that she cooled off substantially since then. In fact, she cooled so much that she didn't do much to try to stay, up until this morning, when she attempted to campaign for votes, even sitting down with Dan to see if he'd be willing to cut Danielle loose.

If Dan's funeral did one thing, it was create the illusion that he and Danielle aren't nearly as close as people thought they were - or that it was over for them. From what I could tell throughout this week, no one - except Frank, possibly - seems to know that Dan's "You're dead to me" was a ruse and that he smoothed things over with her. I'm still not sure if Danielle would choose Dan over Shane if push came to shove, but I think she's much closer with Dan than people believe. She continued to complain about how he spoke to her, which helped keep that going, and is probably part of what's kept her safe this week, which I think was Dan's intention all along.

Enzo, Matt, Hayden and Lane returned tonight to talk about Britney. They admitted to feeling bad for what they did to her, and talked about her game this season. Lane says he wants to carry Ian around and use him as a tip calculator. He also made fun of Shane for wearing a pink tank top. And Enzo poked fun at Danielle's crush on Shane. Enzo says Dan's a werewolf in sheep's clothing, but that's apparently more about his hairy arms than it is about his game play. Over all, a funny segment. I love hearing feedback from former players, and it's especially great to see the Brigade weighing in on Britney's game-play.

Britney was evicted by a 4-1 vote, with Ian being the lone vote to evict Danielle, as expected. That leaves Ian without his closest ally, so he'll want to try to win tonight's Head of House hold competition. While Dan may seem like a big target, the house seems somewhat divided on who should go first. Some think Frank needs to go. Others want Ian out, and yeah, everyone knows Dan needs to go, but - and this could just be me being optimistic - I think he could talk his way off the block again if he needs to. Hopefully he won't have to, though. Staying in the house another week after the stunt he pulled this week would be another great accomplishment.

The houseguests are orbiting the sun tonight, holding onto ropes and standing upright on a platform as they revolve around a big sun that's spraying "tan" on them. The first person off gets a punishment, thanks to 51% of the BB fan Tweeters voting it that way. But the houseguests don't know if it's a punishment or a reward, so it'll be interesting to see if someone jumps off hoping to win a prize.

I'm predicting Danielle will win, though something tells me Ian will hold on as long as he possibly can, which could be right to the very end.

Joe and Jenn came down before the episode even ended (Joe first, so he gets the "prize.") I think it was the big boulder that was bumping into them that did them in. We'll update you on the HoH competition once the feeds return! In the meantime, for those Dan fans out there who didn't watch Season 10, if you're curious to know how he managed to win Big Brother a few years back, check out this article, which lays out his Renegade alliance with Memphis.

HOH Update - Spoiler alert! The text below is based on the live feed that followed tonight's episode. Read no further if you don't want to know the outcome of the Head of Household endurance competition!

10:11 p.m. EST - Dan, Danielle, Shane and Ian still up. Jenn and Joe are down.

10:27 p.m. EST - the boulder-thing takes another victim. Danielle is down! Ian, Dan and Shane still up. Seems like the thing that's bumping into them is making them spin. Danielle was complaining that she as about to puke right before she dropped.

10:29 p.m. EST - Dan is down. He fell off. It's down to Ian and Shane.

10:47 p.m. EST - So far, Ian and Shane are still up there. Shane's looking like he's hurting. Ian has to go to the bathroom.

11:10 p.m. EST - Ian and Shane still up.

Fallen houseguests watch the competition...

11:15 p.m. - Still no winner yet!

11:49 p.m. - Ian and Shane asked the rest of the HGs to go inside so they could talk. Shane made Ian ensure him that he and Danielle would be safe. Ian says "this" never ended - referring to his alliance with them. Shane dropped and Ian wins.

Now for speculation - Will Ian remain loyal to the full Quack Pack alliance? Or will he target Dan over what happened to Britney? He may target Frank and Jenn, because of their active involvement in Britney's nomination, with Dan set up as a back-up nominee. As we learned this week, it's hard to know what's going to happen in any given week of the Big Brother house!

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