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If you’re desperate to get a grasp on what may or may not be happening on Season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, you’re not alone. The epic fantasy series has a fanbase as rabid as any out there, and this is precisely the crowd that HBO is looking to sway with their strange new marketing gimmick. Are you ready to learn the power of The Sight?

Game of Thrones announced the existence of a new website via their Twitter page, and although there’s a whole bunch of headscratching involved here, we love it when series get crazy with the teasers. And this one is a bit of a doozy. Check out the tweet below, which comes with a quick little video chock full of Arya awesomeness.

The video doesn’t show any new footage, but rather Arya doing things like holding Jaqen H’ghar’s coin and stabbing people. The voiceover is Melisandre, the Red Woman, in dialogue taken from the Season 3 episode when she and Arya meet and she correctly predicts that the young girl will be the root of suffering for many others. So it seems like this whole campaign would be about Arya’s continual path towards absolute power, but there’s that website. seems to be more of a reference to Bran and his psychic powers, which include the raven that he finally caught up with in Season 4. But that wouldn’t be much of a Season 5 teaser, as the young boy will be completely absent next year. I guess it’s just trying to tell us that anybody can share Bran’s power of The Sight simply by heading to the website.

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Unfortunately, a trip to the website doesn’t reveal any quick answers either, as it’s basically just a way to sign up for a mailing list, though I’m certain Game of Thrones has something more exciting than that cooked up. You can choose to have messages sent to your phone or your Twitter page; I gave them my phone number, something I rarely ever do, and in warning me about texting charges, the response message revealed that I’d be getting four messages a month from them. Considering we probably won’t be seeing Season 5 hitting HBO until around April 2015, that means subscribers will be getting around 20 messages.

Will there be videos, clues, or something equally exciting? I’d be happy if it was just a mash-up of Arya dancing around to “Eye of the Tiger.” What are your theories?

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