There are obviously spoilers floating around here for a variety of different series. You have been warned.

TV has been killing people off for a long time. And every so often – though more often in recent years – shows have been bringing those people back to audiences that had largely accepted the fact that the characters were gone. I’m not talking about obvious fake deaths existing to serve a contained A-story, and I’m not talking about end-of-episode/season “Is he/she dead?” cliffhangers that are immediately explained when the next episode begins. I mean ones where it temporarily sinks in both on the series and in many viewers alike, and the show is happy to let it happen. Everybody loves pigeonholed classification, right?

Here are 9 examples of that happening on television. There will be groaning.

Arrow – Sara Lance
In the comic superhero world, character deaths have been retconned and washed over almost by necessity over the years, and things aren’t all that different on the TV side of things, as evidenced by Arrow’s Sara Lance (and really, almost everyone else at one point). After skipping around between the good guys and bad guys, Sara was killed by Thea in the Season 3 premiere, which seemed legit at the time. But before anyone could even be legitimately surprised by her Lazarus Pit resurrection on Arrow proper, it was revealed she would be a main character on the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. So this was kind of a double whammy of a falsely earned shock and then a dampened return shock.

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