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While this current fall TV season isn’t one of the strongest on record, there are still a bunch of great new shows out there right now, and one of them is NBC’s inked-up action thriller Blindspot. Somebody tell Jaimie Alexander’s Jane Doe to make herself as comfortable as possible, as NBC has already put in an order for Season 2 of the high-octane series. Hope you weren’t expecting to figure out every mystery by the time May 2016 rolls around.

Just 7 episodes into its initial season, Blindspot has already impressed everyone important enough to get a big batch of new episodes next year. At this point, though, it’s not exactly clear how many episodes that will end up being. When the show was first ordered, it was only for 13 episodes. After it debuted and wasn’t a disaster, NBC ordered 9 more episodes, and then added a final one to bring the full total to 23 episodes. It’s likely that NBC will be going a more straightforward route and ordering up the full 23 right away for Season 2, but maybe they’ll keep shaking things up.

Blindspot has been a solid success for NBC both with critics, many of whom have settled into the show’s fast-paced plotline, as well as audiences. The show premiered to over 10.5 million people watching live, and although some of the following episodes drooped in the same night ratings department, the show is huge when it comes to DVR and On Demand viewings, and has seen its post-live audience grow by over 70%, both in general and in the key 18-49 demographic. When all the numbers are in, Blindspot is averaging 12.7 million overall viewers and a 3.7 rating in the key demo. No one at NBC is blind to that kind of success.

This is also yet another success story for executive producer Greg Berlanti, who has the multi-season shows Arrow, The Flash and Mysteries of Laura currently airing. He was also behind the scenes on Supergirl and is putting together the CW spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. If you’ve got an idea for a show lurking in the back of your head, get Berlanti on board to make sure it’s a winner.

Starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton as the mystery-pounding match made in weird TV heaven, Blindspot centers on a woman who wakes up without her memory, but with a body full of tattoos that are actually clues tied to a massive conspiracy. Sullivan plays the FBI special agent that is also connected to it all, and the show also stars Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Audrey Esparza, Rob Brown, Ashley Johnson and Ukweli Roach.

Though we’re still the better part of a year away from the debut of Season 2, the rest of Blindspot Season 1 can be found airing Monday nights on NBC.