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The Blindspot Team Got A Promising Lead, But Madeline Has Leverage

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Blindspot's Season 5 episode "Fire & Brimstone." Read at your own risk.

The Blindspot team finally caught a break in Season 5, and for a time, it really seemed like things were looking up. After a weird and somewhat heated reunion with Ice Cream, Jane and crew were forced to put their mission of clearing their names on hold in order to engage in an art heist.

The good news is that Ice Cream had something to make this mission worthwhile, as improbable as that sounds. He had backdoor access to the spy communication app Beaconer, which would give the team proof that Madeline Burke has been in contact with the terrorist organization Dabbur Zann and was in cahoots with its leader Ivy Sands. The news is a big get for the team, and presumably, would tarnish her name and buy the FBI team more time to clear their names.

Madeline Burke presumably doesn't know about any of this, but because she's crafty and hellbent on taking down the Blindspot team, she already has some leverage anyway. The team will have to wait on its plan as they have to figure out a way in next week's episode, called "Awl In," to stop that dangerous amount of ZIP she's hoping to unleash on innocent people and erase their minds. Oh yeah, and a familiar face will drastically raise the stakes.

To stop Madeline from shipping two planes full of ZIP to the U.S., the team splits up into a high-stakes undercover mission and intercepts Madeline's son; Madeline interrogates an old ally to get information on Kurt and the team.

That old ally isn't just anyone; it's the mother of Weller's daughter. Allison Knight and Kurt were a thing prior to Jane entering the picture, and ultimately fell apart due to Kurt's feelings for Jane. She became pregnant with Bethany after, and will soon be pressed for information on her ex and the Blindspot team by Madeline Burke.

It's a dangerous situation, but it remains to be seen if Allison Knight understands just how dangerous it is. We've seen Madeline Burke can press cooperation out of people whether they're willing or not (usually by killing), though the television message sent in the preview for the next episode didn't seem all that forced. It did seem like Burke was intentionally trying to let Weller know Knight is in her custody, as if to scare him out of hiding to protect her.

A brief moment towards the end of the "Awl In" preview showed Jane and Kurt talking, and he looked conflicted. Jane told him it's okay to be worried about the mother of his daughter, potentially signaling that his anxiety or desire to get her out of that situation won't be seen by Jane as any form of threat to their relationship. Hey, it's good to know they don't have yet another personal problem to deal with, but maybe I shouldn't jinx the FBI team before next week's episode.

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