The Blindspot Finale Detail That May Prove How Jane's Story Really Ended

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Warning! The following has spoilers for the Blindspot finale, so don't read it if you haven't watched and don't wish to be spoiled.

Blindspot came to an end recently, though there's still a debate about how it ended. The final episode of Jane Doe and the FBI team's adventure was given two endings in which we saw something really happy, and something really sad. Creator Martin Gero has said one end is the actual finale but hasn't revealed which. I'm not sure he has to anymore, thanks to one key detail that may give fans the answer they're waiting for.

Full disclosure, I was already pretty on board with the idea that the true ending of Blindspot is that Jane died shortly after the ZIP bomb was disarmed. I had some good reasons for thinking this at the time, and now I have one more thanks to a tweet from @rickem_3 after watching the finale. As Rick pointed out, the happy ending likely isn't the real ending, because Boston has all his fingers.

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For those not following, Boston had lost a finger in the midst of doing some forced hacking for Ivy Sands in the penultimate "Love You To Bits And Bytes." Boston tried to make a case that he needed all of his fingers to get the job done as fast as possible, but Ivy seemed to think that the fact his life was on the line was motivation enough to work as quickly as possible. Boston lost a pinky finger and was dropped off by Patterson and Rich later without recovering it.

Jane wasn't a part of the whole bit with Boston, so it would make sense that her hallucination of him would be just as she remembered him regularly. I suppose it's possible Boston went back to the scene of the crime, recovered his finger, and then went to a hospital and got it re-attached with no hitches after he was dropped off, but all of that would've happened off-screen. That's quite a bit to go by unexplained, especially for an event that only happened the episode prior.

Boston Blindspot NBC

Now, just to be fair to happy ending folks, it's also possible Blindspot simply forgot about the detail of Boston's finger being missing when filming the finale. These things happen even with shows with enormous budgets, so it isn't impossible that the same thing happened here. I'll also entertain the theory that since we have no idea how much time passed since the Times Square incident in the happy ending, any number of scenarios could have resulted in Boston having a completely normal pinky finger once more. Who am I to say there weren't significant advances in medical technology in that gap?

My theory is that Boston lost his finger in the penultimate specifically so that eagle-eyed viewers would realize he had it in the finale. Think about it! Was there any plot to be drawn from Boston losing his pinky finger? Beyond the fact he was bandaged up, it was barely even touched on again after it happened. I guess the fact that he and everyone else had to disarm a bomb took precedence, but still, it's a weird event to happen to a character so close to the finale and then not be addressed again. Unless, of course, it was to confirm the true ending, in which case it makes perfect sense.

Blindspot is done at NBC, but talk about the series has not! Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the franchise and what could come next, and for more happenings in television and movies.

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