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Blindspot's Creator Has Another Big Mystery TV Show In The Works

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Blindspot wrapped up its run this summer after five seasons on NBC with an open ending that left fans to decide on what really happened. Now, Blindspot’s creator is moving forward. Martin Gero already has another big and mysterious TV show in the works.

It is going to be tough for the new project to top the various twists and turns of Blindspot. That said, the show’s creator has a murder mystery that might do the trick. Deadline reports that NBC has officially moved Blindspot creator Martin Gero's new potential show, which he's working on with Blindspot executive producer Alex Berger, into development. What is it about?

The show is billed as a mystery drama, and the plot quickly reveals why. Written by Alex Berger, the potential series would follow a determined young reporter who witnesses her sister’s murder. As one would expect, she starts an investigation to find those responsible for the murder. And there's more!

In doing so, she enlists her legendary yet estranged father. He owes his legend status to his work as an investigative journalist. The two must work out whatever personal baggage they have in order to join forces and solve the mystery. The Blindspot executive producers’ potential show does not have a title yet. Something tells me that solving the murder mystery at the heart of this new project could take a while.

Interestingly, the plot description mentions “people” being behind the murder of the lead character’s sister. That sounds slightly conspiratorial and in the vein of the still-not-rebooted Alias. And Blindspot, for that matter. If this becomes a show, it should balance the human struggle of father and daughter reconnecting after so many years apart.

It is unclear how long their estrangement has lasted. Perhaps it has been for the daughter’s safety? Dad is a “legendary” investigative journalist, and it is easy to imagine he found something dangerous that could threaten his family while pursuing a story. Now, he will have to follow this new one with his daughter. The project is now only in development, so answers may be a while off.

For now, Blindspot fans will have to enjoy the potential of this show rather than a Blindspot spinoff. Thankfully, the creator did say he is open to one tied to Zapata. Blindspot is over, so be sure to check out this fall’s premieres for viewing options. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest and greatest in TV and Movie news. You can also relive the wild Blindspot ride with the full series streaming on Hulu now. Are you excited to watch this new show from the Blindspot team, if it gets a series order from NBC? Vote in the poll below.

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