Could Blindspot Get A Spinoff? Here's What The Creator Says

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Blindspot finale. Read at your own risk!

Blindspot recently aired its series finale and, while it certainly gave its fanbase a lot to talk about, there's always the crowd that wants more. Specifically, they're wanting to see a show that follows another member of the FBI team, now that the story of Jane has, one way or another, come to an end.

Granted, creator Martin Gero did somewhat put that on himself. The Blindspot creator made an in-joke in the finale about Rich and Patterson having a spinoff as world-renowned treasure hunters so, of course, questions were going to come about how he's feeling about the next chapter in the franchise. Deadline spoke to Gero about the possibility of a spinoff centered around Zapata's character, and he said the following:

I’d be super open to it. I mean, Audrey is part of the…she’s a star I think since the beginning, and if anyone wants to do a Zapata P.I. spinoff, they know where to find me. I’d love to do it.

Interestingly enough, Martin Gero would be open to a Zapata spinoff, especially considering the in-show joke was Patterson and Rich being the jet-setting adventure duo. As for Zapata, she was a private investigator in the midst of vetting someone for a corporation and raising the baby she was pregnant with via Reade. It wasn't enough to get a full read on what all she was up to, so a spinoff would be welcome to fans wanting more on what she's up to after the FBI.

Gero is on board but, of course, interest isn't the same as development. The Blindspot creator is pretty busy soon and ran down the projects he has coming to television in the future:

Right now we have two things that are about to go into production. You know, I’m executive producing Christina Kim’s reboot of Kung Fu with the Berlanti team. That’s going to air on The CW, and then Brendan Gall and I have created a new NBC half-hour (Connecting) that will start airing in the fall.

The real question I'm wondering is: did Martin Gero just tip off the true ending of Blindspot by sharing his thoughts on a Zapata spinoff? Keep in mind Zapata's future as a P.I. was only revealed in the happy ending, so maybe this is a sign things were happily ever after for Jane and Weller after all. I guess Zapata could still become a P.I. in either reality, though I'd hope we'd eventually learn the answer to which end was the real one.

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