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Blindspot Star Talks The Aftermath Of Weller’s Torture And ‘Downfall’ Of The Team

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Spoilers for the June 11 episode of Blindspot entitled “Head Games” are discussed below.

One Blindspot character had it really rough in the latest episode. Kurt Weller was tortured and drugged, and during the course of the ordeal, he hallucinated and provided a clue to the team’s location. Weller shared that they had taken cover in a bunker in Europe. Hence, one Blindspot star is teasing the aftermath for Weller and the team.

If you thought Weller would be having a tough time after enduring what he has, you are on the right track. Fresh from the effects of Zapata’s second-guessing, Blindspot’s Sullivan Stapleton has teased that the fallout for Weller will reach beyond his own personal torment. On how the experience has impacted Weller, Stapleton told TVLine:

It has affected him. Can he trust himself? That’s a big thing to ask, and to start doubting himself in these moments — going up against such a big enemy [like the Dabbur Zann], you cannot doubt yourself. You’ve got to be fully focused and sure of what you’re doing.

Weller has never needed to be sharper, and yet the situation that he has endured has almost assuredly made it so he is off-balance. When you take into account how much the team has already suffered in Season 5, Weller’s torture could be a breaking point on Blindspot.

The team is already shouldering the loss of Reade from earlier on Blindspot, a tragedy that has left the team mourning. Now comes Weller’s snafu of sharing a generalized location for the team and what exactly their hideout is, and you have a recipe for disaster. It could also lead to the team’s “downfall” on Blindspot as Sullivan Stapleton explained, saying:

It’s just a little hint of where they are, but the fact that they can take one of us and torture us until they get information, or take one of our lives — they can take the team one by one. That’s a scary thing. It could be the downfall of the team.

Well, this is a frightening notion, Blindspot fans. Essentially, Sullivan Stapleton is saying that the fear now gripping the team is that a member will be singled out and tortured to learn their fellow members’ location. It is a fear that is all the more tangible in light of Ice Cream’s arrival and subsequent demand.

Of course, it may also be the one to ensure the safety of the baby and the team. Weller and the team have some tough choices to make, and while there is some comfort in the non-specifics of his slip-up, something will probably have to give. Will all of this lead to the team’s total downfall on Blindspot? Something tells me some will pull through.

How depressing would the final season be if the entire team was killed by Dabbur Zann? Exactly. That said, Blindspot’s showrunner had teased after last season’s finale that there would be no quick fix to the situation with their adversaries. It seems the action, adventure, and suspense of what will become of the team will be front and center as Blindspot continues.

At this point, Weller will have to carry the heartache of knowing that his admission gave the enemy an inkling about the team’s whereabouts. Hopefully, it does not end in anything awful. Find if it does when new episodes of Blindspot air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The show is one of many dramas airing new throughout this summer.

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