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Fresh off the news of a potential spinoff, Fox’s hit Thursday night drama Bones has formally signed a new guest star. The Mummy’s Arnold Vosloo will appear in at least three episodes starting early next year. His character will be a deadly sniper series creator Hart Hanson has described as being “worse than Gravedigger”. For those of you who didn’t watch the Gravedigger episodes, that sociopath buried not only children but Bones and Hodgins in their own car underneath the ground. Thankfully, they’re both scientists and found their way out.

According to EW, the character will be named Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, and at some point during the series, he will attempt to assassinate a well known character on the show. No word on whether he’ll succeed or whether he’ll take one of the interns as an accomplice like that crazy cannibal did in season 2.

I’m excited. Historically, Bones has been a much better show when it incorporates a non-personal life overall plot structure, and Arnold Vosloo is sufficiently creepy enough that this may work. Thus far, most of the multiple-arc serial killers have been more demonic or psychologically fucked than physically strong and dangerous to hunt. Booth, in particular, will benefit from having a dangerous madman who could potentially out-muscle him to chase. I’ve already got the DVR set; I’d suggest you hook up yours.

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