Bones Season 8 Enlists Vik Sahay To Play A Murder Suspect

Vik Sahay is heading from the Buymore to the criminal-oriented world of Bones. The Chuck actor is hopping to Fox for a guest episode where he will play a suspect in a murder. When you look at Sahay’s baby face, it’s hard to believe the man could play a criminal, but Bones has featured weirder bad guys in the past.

According to TV Line, Sahay will be joining the criminal drama in an episode that will revolve around a funeral home. Sahay’s character, Akshay Mirza, runs the funeral home, which doesn’t offer your average burial. Instead, the funeral home offers burials in the open, without coffins. Booth, Brennan, and the rest of the team will be brought in when Mirza’s partner gets murdered. Since the two also had a romantic connection back in the day, Mirza will become a prime suspect. Without all of the details, it’s hard to guess if Mirza is the bad guy, but one thing’s for certain: this episode sounds almost as wacky as the one on the body farm.

TV Line is referring to the whole deal as “eco-hip,” which is not a term I would ever have used to describe the actor’s geeky and awkward character on NBC’s former spy drama. Sahay looks like he’s branching out his acting capabilities, and just in time—the man also recently nabbed a series regular role in Tim McAuliffe’s pilot, Satisfaction. In the movie world, you can catch the actor in Wer and My Awkward Sexual Adventure. We’ll keep you posted on which Season 8 episode of Bones Sahay will appear.

Fox’s Bones airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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