Breakfast Club Alum To Guest Star In Community

The pilot episode of Community was filled with hilarious references to the classic ‘80’s teen flick The Breakfast Club, so it seems only fitting that a TBC alum make a guest appearance on the NBC comedy series.

TV Guide posted the news, stating that Anthony Michael Hall, who played Brian Johnson, the “brain” in BC will guest-star in Community’s Christmas episode, set to air on December 10th.

While Hall may have been the flair-gun carrying kid in detention back in BC, whose inability to make a lamp aided in his Saturday morning sentence to bond with a group of mis-matched misfits, it appears the tables will be turned in Community. Hall will be playing a bully who challenges Jeff (Joel McHale’s character) to a fight.

TV Guide posted that earlier this week, the cast shot a scene for the episode wherein Hall throws Jeff’s test down on the floor during Spanish class, much to the delight of Senor Chang, who stands by and does nothing as the altercation takes place. Whether or not Hall’s character will shove a bag of weed down Jeff’s pants, remains to be seen.

And for those of you who are familiar with the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, I’m thinking we can expect (or hope for) at least one reference to the first film, as Chevy Chase and Hall stared as father and son in the original movie when Hall played Rusty Griswald.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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