Breaking Bad Facebook Facts: Who's Talking About Breaking Bad Most?

If your Facebook wall looks anything like mine, you've seen quite a few Breaking Bad status updates, images and link-shares over the last few weeks. To say that people are talking about Breaking Bad would be an understatement, but a look at some of the specific data on just how many people are talking about Breaking Bad on Facebook really brings it home that the buzz is big for the AMC drama, which airs its final episode this Sunday night. There have been over 11 million unique Facebook users posting and interacting about Breaking Bad throughout the series' full fifth season run, and over 23.6 million posts and interactions.

As for where the most monthly active users mentioning Breaking Bad reside, the home state wins! New Mexico residents are talking about Breaking Bad the most, while New Yorkers come in second and Arizonians take third. The Granite State, temporary residence to Walter White, placed #7.

Top 10 US States Ranked by Number of Monthly Active Users Mentioning “Breaking Bad”1. New Mexico2. New York3. Arizona4. Rhode Island5. Massachusetts6. California7. New Hampshire8. Idaho9. Illinois10. Pennsylvania

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. is at the top of the list that breaks down monthly active users talking about Breaking Bad, sorted by country:

Top 10 Countries Ranked by Number of Monthly Active Users Mentioning “Breaking Bad”1. United States2. Canada3. United Kingdom4. Australia5. Israel6. New Zealand7. Peru8. Sweden9. Norway10. Spain

While Canada comes second, the U.K. takes third. Those viewers across the pond may be getting their Breaking Bad fix via Netflix, which has been distributing the new episodes in the U.K. the day after they air in the U.S.

And finally, we get to our last bit of data, which is a bit more random. What else do Breaking Bad fans like? Did you know Breaking Bad fans like David Fincher? According to the released data, Fincher's Facebook page is one of the top pages liked by U.S. fans of Breaking Bad. The cast members' pages top that list, followed by Fincher, director Darren Aronofsky, comedian Louis C.K., American Psycho, Django Unchained, Mad Men, Portlandia, Beck, Arcade Fire and The Black Keys. So, basically dark and violent movies, good comedy and trendy rock. Also Mad Men.

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