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Walter White's fiftieth year on earth proved to be a truly life-altering one for the once science teacher. What will fifty-one bring? Or rather, what will "Fifty-one" bring to Breaking Bad fans, as that's the title of next Sunday's episode of the series. It will also bring us to the half-way point of the first half of Season 5, which unfortunately, only consists of a meager eight episodes. But it's not about quantity, it's about quality, and we're getting that as the series continues to move toward its end.

One of the things I loved about last night's episode was getting to see Walt, Jesse and Mike examine various factory set-ups in an effort to find a new place to set up shop and start cooking. Finding a place that's suitable to their needs, covers up the chemical smell and wouldn't give away their real business proves to be tricky, which served as a reminder of just how good Walt and Jesse had it for a little while with Gus' laundry facility arrangement. Of course, that came at a price. Their new set-up has its risks, but so far it seems like it could work out.

There are other issues though, including the DEA. Check out the promo for "Fifty-One" Here and see what's coming up. A possible raid?

The Heisenberg hat is back on, Walt's head is freshly shaved and Hank is back to work! Let's all celebrate this news by telling Marie to Shut-Up-Shut-Up-Shut-Up! Poor Skylar seems on the verge of a breakdown. Walt has continuously backed her into a corner and something tells me she's regretting her decision to stand by her man. It's not like Walt has given her much of a choice, but I do think a choice has been made there. Judging by this clip from "Fifty-One," it seems like Walt's birthday breakfast is not exactly a happy affair.

And Walter Jr. seems more concerned about the bacon than he is in the massive amount of tension in the room.

Breaking Bad airs Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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