Breaking Bad Season 4 DVD Trailer Blows Stuff Up But Good

If you didn't watch Breaking Bad's fourth season, you missed some of the best, most intense episodes of one of the best, most intense shows on television. But if you didn't watch, maybe you've been intrigued by all the buzz the show's been getting, all the awards and critical praise and water-cooler jabber and internet memes you don't understand. If you can't help but think that you should probably give this Breaking Bad show a chance, then you absolutely, positively should. But you probably shouldn't watch this DVD trailer for the fourth season, which hits Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday, June 5th. While not overtly spoiler-y, this 30-second spot reveals just a little too much for my liking, so all you BB virgins, go dive into the first season on DVD or Netflix (opens in new tab). Everybody who's still left? Let's watch Walter White blow stuff up.

As is only fitting for a season that left viewers' jaws on the floor pretty much every episode, the set is decked out with more bonus features than you can cram into a mobile-home meth lab. We're talking commentaries on every single episode, deleted and extended scenes, uncensored cuts of the episodes, thirty behind-the-scenes featurettes, and more. It lists for $65.99 on Blu-ray or $55.99 on DVD (although you can still pre-order either version for much cheaper (opens in new tab).)

Breaking Bad returns to AMC for its fifth season on Sunday, July 15th at 10/9c. That should give you plenty of time to catch up…