With Breaking Bad getting ready to head into its fifth and final season on AMC, fans aren’t alone in wondering what’s going to happen next. The series has one more season to wrap things up and answer a lot of questions – and in a panel for the Academy yesterday the cast talked about what they would like to see and the sadness of ending the show’s run.

TV Guide has the story on the chat with the Breaking Bad group last night, and it seems that no one really know what’s up next for the show – except that it’s going to be a crazy ride. Not surprising for a series that has been a rollercoaster since day one. With the big finale of season four taking out a major player in Walt’s rise through the drug world, what’s next for Jesse and his old chemistry teacher? Series creator Vince Gilligan wants their relationship to be back in the spotlight:

"I personally missed them having all the interactions they had in previous seasons last season when they were kept quite a bit apart by Gustavo Fring. So maybe you'll see them a bit more together this season."

The Breaking Bad cast couldn’t let out any secrets, because they don’t know them. Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler, joked that “Getting a new script is like Christmas morning.” Even the stars get to be surprised by how everything will play out in the end. It sounds like they’re working hard to create a satisfying conclusion for those of us who love the series though. Aaron Paul (Jesse) promised that the final season would be handled properly:

“We're not going to stretch the storylines out, so it's going to stay pure, honest and genuine to the story that we've been telling.”

That’s always the best thing about ending a show when it’s still on top of its game - we don’t have to see its demise. And this show is definitely going strong. Breaking Bad just took a win at the Writer’s Guild Awards, and Bryan Cranston was up for an Golden Globe this year as well.

Among the unanswered questions to be dealt with include whether Hank will ever figure out what Walt has been up to, which has been a source of major tension since day one. Even the return of Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo is up in the air – yes even though his character is dead – as we could see some backstory on him popping up. As sad as it is to see this great show leaving, it sounds like it will be concluded the way it started – with shocks, surprises and plenty of craziness along the way.

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