Breaking Bad Video: See How They Made That Disturbing Prison Scene

If you caught last Sunday night's mid-season finale for Breaking Bad, you know that there was one sequence in the episode that was particularly disturbing. And if you didn't see it but plan to, stop reading now because we're about to get more spoilery! I am, of course, referring to the prison scene. AMC released a very interesting video that looks at what went into making that unsettling series of events.

"Gliding over All" had Walt tying off a few "loose ends," which included taking care of the prisoners on Lydia's list. And because Breaking Bad rarely shies away from exposing us to the more disturbing decisions of Walter White, the episode the gory prison murders. This included numerous men being stabbed, and one actually being set on fire. Somehow, this montage-of-murder managed to top the sight of creepy-Todd shooting a kid in the head in terms of disturbing moments for Season 5. Quite a feat.

The video below has Supervising producer Moira Walley-Beckett talking about what went into making the scene, and we also get some behind-the-scenes peeks at the production.

Three different prisons. Two minutes. Ten guys. Blood, shivs and board games! Cardboard boxes and fake-gang-sign tattoos!

Not only was it a morbid but impressive endeavor on the part of Walter White and his new white supremacist friends (seriously, Walt?), but it was also a well done sequence of events on the part of the Breaking Bad crew, and one of the most unsettling scenes in TV this year. If they sought to leave us speechless, speaking for myself, they succeeded. And to know that Walter White made that happen is just one more demonstrated step further into the dark side for the AMC series' lead character.

See what series creator Vince Gilligan and the cast had to say about the Season 5 mid-season finale here.

Kelly West
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