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There's probably a good drug related pun to express how bad everyone wants AMC's Breaking Bad to finally return but I'm too strung out to make one. Sorry, but the wait has been especially long after the protracted negotiations that thankfully led to the series final sixteen episodes spread out over two shortened seasons. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of caveats but since Vince Gilligan was initially just looking for one more season for a final 13, we actually came out on top. The more Breaking Bad the better because I don't want to imagine life without watching Walter White's transformation.

Last week, the stars of the show finally introduced the first tease for the fifth season but it didn't contain any footage in order to avoid possible spoilers. That creates a bit of a problem when you want to hype your final 16 episodes. But the show has turned to Paul Scheer to help create some more buzz. Yes, comedian Paul Scheer. Slashfilm reports that Scheer created a website called "Breaking Gifs" to post the best Breaking Bad related GIFs found around the internet. Then he recently posted a video which not only featured a cameo from creator Vince Gilligan but also promised that something big would be happening in the near future and the future is now. just launched a viral campaign to promote the upcoming season where one piece of Breaking Bad related art will be revealed every week. Slashfilm notes that this isn't the first time Scheer has been involved in a campaign like this one because in 2009, he started a site called "Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear" for fans of LOST. Starting as a small internet goof by the comedian eventually blew up into a great viral with exclusive art by Olly Moss, Eric Tan, Tyler Stout and others. And the current Breaking Bad viral plays the same games as "Polar Bear" then each clue will lead to a collectible and URL which then links to a piece of art. And yes, they are obviously on sale. Now you're excited right? Who doesn't want a chance to grab some rad Breaking Bad themed artwork? And it's not a bad way to kill time before the fifth season finally airs. The first piece was retrieved tonight resulting in this Daniel Danger print for the "Pilot." Check back at for more.

The fifth season of Breaking Bad premieres sometime this summer. It stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn. It was created by Vince Gilligan.

Oh, and Aaron Paul tweeted, uh, a spoiler for the upcoming season as well, so things are clearly cooking at AMC.

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