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The Bridge's First Trailer Reveals An Atmospheric Border Drama Headed To FX

Take that other network up-fronts! While ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC having been strutting their new stuff for the TV press, FX finally debuted the first full trailer for The Bridge and it puts (most of) the other new previews to shame. The aptly titled "Two Pieces" preview does a fantastic job of setting up the new series' dark tone and ominous atmosphere without actually giving too much of the serial killer-based plot away.

Unlike the deluge of three-minute spots released by the major networks over the past few days, The Bridge puts mystery front and centre, creating interest by withholding specifics instead of spelling out every detail of the pilot episode before it airs. The spot does introduce our two leads, Demián Bichir (The Heat) and Diane Kruger (The Host), who play homicide detectives who work on opposite sides of, well, The Bridge.

I have high hopes for this border drama, which seems a little more No Country For Old Men and less Bon Cop, Bad Cop and not just because of this excellent first look. FX has assembled a fantastic cast (that includes Bichir, Kruger, Annabeth Gish, Matthew Lillard and Ted Levine), as well as brought in Gerardo Naranjo, the critically acclaimed director of Miss Bala, to helm the pilot. Not to mention the series is also loosely based on a popular Danish-Swedish show of the same name. What do you think of the trailer for the adaptation transported to the US-Mexico border? Look like an investigation worth following? I'm in...

The Bridge premieres on Wednesday, July 10 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.