Bryan Cranston is a particularly amazing talent. The actor has the rare ability to handle both comedic and dramatic roles with ease, whether it's as the hilariously outmatched Hal on Malcolm in the Middle or winning three consecutive Emmys as Walter White in Breaking Bad. And he doesn't just dazzle in front of the camera, over the course of seven seasons in the Middle as well as the first four of AMC's hit (and best) drama, Cranston began directing both series and even producing the latter.

With the elongated negotiations that preceded (and produced) the final sixteen episodes, it seems like forever since we've seen the 'latter' but not to worry, Cranston and his co-star Aaron Paul want you to know Breaking Bad is coming soon. Don't get your hopes up though, there is absolutely no footage from the upcoming season in this tease. It isn't even a teaser as much as a friendly reminder from the two loveable leads (well, loveable in real life) that one of the best dramas on television is coming back and no, they are not prepared to spoil anything. Despite the lack of footage, the boys are still charming and, as silly as it sounds, it also managed to get my blood pumping. Take a look.

Yeah. No footage. I wasn't kidding. I still enjoyed getting to see Cranston back in the Walter White look even if he was hardly anywhere near as, well, hard as his protagonist has become over the last four seasons. Nope, Cranston seems a lot closer to his comedic roles in real life, happily joking about us not being able to see what they were filming that day, even though it's just a pan away. Aaron Paul is equally tight-lipped (and amusing) but a little more preachy about what's to come from the fifth season of Breaking Bad. Basically, it's going to be bananas and, after all we've seen from the drama, I believe him.

Breaking Bad returns for an 8 episode, fifth season this summer (followed by the final 8 in an ensuing sixth). It stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn. It was created by Vince Gilligan.

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