Remember when Bryan Cranston was funny? There really isn’t a lot of room for humor in Walter White’s world on Breaking Bad. At least, not the kind we once saw from Cranston in his Malcolm in the Middle days. But we may see the lighter side of Cranston again... kind of.

TV Line is reporting that their sources say Cranston is in talks to direct an episode of Modern Family. A rep from the series declined to comment on the matter, so we’ll file this under rumor for how, however as the site points out, this certainly wouldn’t be the first time Cranston has directed. The actor, who played Malcolm’s father Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, directed multiple episodes of the comedy series over the course of its run. He also directed a couple of episodes of AMC’s excellent drama series Breaking Bad.

As great as it would be to see Cranston on screen in Modern Family (I have no doubt that the series could find some hilarious role for him), the fact that he might be lending his talent to the series is good news, even if what he contributes to the show is off-camera. In the meantime, those who want to see Cranston on screen will find him in Drive, which just released on DVD/Blu-Ray this week.

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