Bryan Cranston's Sneaky Pete Ordered To Series, Get The Details

In the modern television world, viewers have many choices as far as where they go for their TV. The same holds true for the shows themselves. If the networks don’t want a particular show concept, there are countless basic and premium cable channels, as well as online services. Sneaky Pete, the new project from Bryan Cranston and David Shore, got passed over by the networks, but the pilot just got the greenlight to go to series, thanks to Amazon.

Originally, Sneaky Pete was in the hands of CBS, but they decided to pass on the show a few months back. They may have begun to rethink that decision rather quickly, as several other outlets were showing interest as soon as the project was cut loose. Eventually, Amazon won the battle, paid to have some reshoots done for the pilot and put it up for free in early August. The reception must be positive, as less than 30 days later, Deadline says that Pete is going to series.

Sneaky Pete is based on an idea by David Shore, the creator of House M.D. and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. (Both are also acting as producers on the show.) It stars Giovanni Ribisi as a con man who gets out of prison but has some people after him who aren’t bringing flowers; they’re looking for the money he owes them. To escape his past, he pretends to be his cellmate (Ethan Embry), who still has 2 years on his sentence and hasn’t seen his family in 20 years (they look enough alike that it works). The family in question, with grandparents played by Peter Gerety and Margo Martindale, runs a bail bond business which “Pete” ends up involved in. Now, the criminal with no family is taking down criminals with his new family.

Amazon is looking at a number of potential shows to debut in 2016, and a full season of Pete looks to be on that list. No plans for production have been announced yet, though Amazon will likely be looking to move quickly so they don’t lose the interest the pilot has created. Other potential series being considered for the Prime streaming service include David E. Kelly’s next legal series Trial with Billy Bob Thornton and Zelda, which is a series about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, and NOT a video game princess.

There’s always room for more good TV, so we’re happy to see a strong pilot with great actors that we like. We’re looking forward to Season 1 of Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime as soon as possible, and we’re already excited about what’s going to happen in Season 3 when the cellmate gets out. The pilot is available for free on Amazon Prime right now if you want to check it out.

Dirk Libbey
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