CBS Cancels Moonlight

Back in January, the people voted Moonlight their Favorite New Drama Series at the People’s Choice Awards. Apparently, the love of “the people” wasn’t enough to get the ratings up on the series because as of this week, Moonlight is officially cancelled.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that ratings for the series weren’t good for the show to begin with and only got worse when it came back after the strike. Some Moonlight fans may have seen this coming or at the very least, wanted to prevent it when they organized a blood drive, which was likely to be in the spirit of the whole vampire theme of the show. While the blood donations surely did some good for people in need, it doesn’t look like it helped the series out.

I fell behind on Moonlight after the strike but I thought given the loyal (and fairly vocal) fanbase, the series would be a lock to come back for a second season. Now it looks like it’s going down the same path as Jericho except in this case, I’m not sure an organized fan-response to the network is going to yield the same results. After CBS initially cancelled Jericho, the fans rallied together and begged for a second season. When Jericho returned, the show failed to improve in the ratings and was inevitably cancelled again. For that reason, it seems less likely that the network would be willing to give in and uncancel a series this time around.

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Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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