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Man, there are a hell of a lot of awards shows. How many different times can the 1% everybody seems so occupied with lately get all dolled up, walk down a red carpet and congratulate each other on their phenomenal work that is assuredly worth the six to seven figure paychecks they received in return. Sorry. Some awards shows seem alright, particularly the ones that don't take themselves too seriously, something like The People's Choice Awards even if they are more than a little overblown. And at least they found a cute and funny host this year.

First, no offense to Queen Latifah. When I proclaimed that at least they found a cute and funny host this year, in no way does that mean they didn't also have a cute and funny host for the last five years. However, as Deadline reports, CBS has decided to switch gears with this year's show by bringing in Kaley Cuoco. It shouldn't come as a that the network would turn to their number one show, The Big Bang Theory, to find a host. For straight laughs, they could have gone with Jim Parsons but, well, he doesn't look as good in a dress.

Cuoco also has experience in the awards-hosting world, running the show at last August's Teen Choice Awards. CBS' EVP specials Jack Sussman said of the announcement, that, "Kaley is sexy, funny and smart - everything you want in a host & everything you get to see each week on The Big Bang Theory." Her show is also the reigning champion in the Favorite TV Comedy category as said awards, which will once again be produced by Mark Burnett (you know, the Survivor dude).

The People's Choice Awards will air on January 11, 2012 on CBS.