CBS Reality Show 3 Pulled From The Schedule Already

CBS took a chance on love this summer and it didn't pay off. On July 26, the network premiered 3, a vaguely titled relationship series that focused on three single women of different backgrounds each trying to find true love. Less than a week later, the network has reportedly pulled the show from the air, deciding to air reruns of one of their scripted dramas in its place.

3 had three women of differing ages and backgrounds searching for love among a hundred men or so by narrowing them down in an effort to find their perfect partner. The format for the show was based on a series from Israel. EW has reported that CBS has decided to pull the show from the air after the series dropped to 1.8 million viewers on Sunday night.

Sunday nights aren't exactly competition-free for TV during the summer, with HBO series True Blood and The Newsroom airing, added to other cable networks offering their own original programming (AMC's Breaking Bad for example). But a major factor here is likely to be the competition NBC is presenting with their Olympic coverage. It's not a surprise that other network TV shows might be struggling. Those looking for unscripted romantic drama may be getting their fill from ABC's Bachelor Pad on Monday nights. Perhaps if 3 had premiered earlier in the summer it may have stood a chance. But things didn't work out for the show, which was about as brief as its non-descriptive title.

CBS will be airing reruns of The Good Wife in its place until the drama returns with new episodes this fall.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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