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The CW has some promising new shows this season, but their unscripted series H8R really wasn’t one of them, which is why it’s not all that disappointing to learn that the show’s been cancelled. H8R featured celebrities as they confronted one of their “haters” and attempted to win them over or prove them wrong. If you think that sounds awkward, you have the right idea. But the awkwardness is over as the series has been cancelled.

According to Deadline, The CW is taking H8R off the air after just four episodes, the last of which brought in the second-lowest number of viewers (1.07 million). Going forward, The CW will air a rerun of Ringer in H8R’s place (Wednesday at 8). This is definitely good news for Ringer as it'll hopefully give the series a bit more exposure and maybe draw in some new viewers.

I only caught the first episode and part of the second episode of H8R. In the first episode, Jersey Shore’s Snooki hung out with a guy who didn’t like her, trying to win him and his family over, which she eventually did. The other part of the first episode had The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka being verbally abused by some girl who had no interest in ending her h8red of him, even for the sake of giving the segment a happy ending. I felt uncomfortable watching the entire episode, but, wanting to give it another shot, I tuned in for Eva Longoria’s episode, and just couldn’t get through it.

The concept itself is awkward. I’m sure there are plenty of celebrities who wouldn’t mind having words with people who’ve said some really insulting things about them, but watching it play out on camera, with the ever-cheerful Mario Lopez in the background, just didn’t work.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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